In the wild MechWest, Pearl is the girl who treats machines like pets.
But one little mech will need serious
protecting from wily enemies…

Not Your Familiar Frontier

An alternate Old West world of four distinct nations (inspired by real-life desert cultures) filled with hucksters, cowboys, and adorable “mechs.”

Plus a whole lotta trouble.

MechWest is a fresh, original take on a classic setting. The 3D-animated action-adventure TV series that’ll have the whole family cheering!

Mech-girl Pearl

Pearl West’s offbeat enthusiasm for mechs isn’t shared by the rest of her town. After all, what kind of weirdo treats rusty hunks of metal like friends?

But with the arrival of “Six” – a curiously intelligent mech – Pearl’s unique compassion begins turning the world on its head.

Meet Pearl’s Friends

A New Wild West Legend

Sublime southwestern vistas. Conflicts of progress, teamwork, and misunderstanding. You won’t wanna miss what Pearl and Six will accomplish – together!

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